How to start using Gym Software

The management for a gym is challenging work and to handle the daily activities conveniently, you need gym management software. A gym having an automatic working, club management software impresses the members as well. All-inclusive Club360 – Fitness Club Management Software is a perfect solution for every gym owner.

Whether you believe it or not but, it’s a fact that gym management software saves your time, money, and efforts for managing things. Most of the gym owners can see a drastic change in their revenue, which increases greatly like never before, this all because they are using a gym management system.

All these researches are not fake at all, but they are true that gym software encourages and brings unique changes in the day-to-day task of the fitness club. Once you see the results, it becomes an ADDICTION and you feel it’s Awesome.

So, if you are searching for a software solution to manage your gym and fitness club, We offer you to buy simple and easy gym software.

Club360, surely easy, affordable with all the quality features included in it, which makes your work automated, and even your staff can easily use it without any hesitation.

Gym software features

If still, you have some doubts about the use of gym management solution, than you can go through with its bunch of benefits

Manage your members

With Gym software, you can manage members complete records

  • View & Access Membership Details
  • Check Workout Schedules & Diet Plans
  • Track Body Measurement, Growth, and History
  • Keep Attendance Record
  • Receive online payments or can send bill online
  • Upgrade or renew the packages

Gym Trainer/Staff

Smart working of gym management software focuses on the working of staff as well

  • Assign Access to limited functions
  • Create Custom Workout Schedules & Diet Plans
  • Assigning Workout & Diet Plans to the Members

Gym Owner

Owner of the Gym is a Head of that family, who connects everyone together.

They can handle their financial transaction without any stress and can focus on the growth of their business.

Having everything in your hand or in just one place, which means a lot or incredible for gym owners.


  • Get Access to All Membership Information
  • Responsible for Membership Management
  • Ease to generate invoice/bills for their members
  • Can see various reports: Attendance report, Income/Expense report, Tax report, Staff wise report, etc.
  • Manages enquiry and daily follow-ups with them
  • Saves your time, money, and efforts by managing your work automatically like you don’t remind your members for payment, it automatically sends a reminder message, wishing them on their birthdays and anniversary.
  • Very simple to install and working on it without facing any complications, as all the features are convenient and easily designed. And you can run on your phone whether its iPhone, iPod, Android phones, systems, laptops. You can run it anywhere with your confidential login-Id password.
  • No special or expert training is required for using this gym software, it is easy to install and use, for your staff also.
  • Can integrate with a good biometric or fingerprint machine.
  • Data security is the first thing that is kept in mind with every gym owner. So, don’t worry at all this Gym software is a cloud-based solution that intelligently secures your Gym data and you can export it on the excel as well.

A great benefit of using Club360 – Gym Management Software, is that there is no limit over to add data, unlimited access or users, support is available 24*7 whether On-calls, Live Chat, and more.

Build & complete your working with Gym Management Software

“Work on yourself, for yourself, by yourself”