What is Gym Management Software?

Gym software is an application specially designed and developed to manage operations in gym, Gym Management Software provides various types of reports, analysis to help gym management to make marketing strategy and get the members feedback.

How do you give support to me?

Club360 support is available from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM over the call and in off hours you can do live chat with our support team or you can send an email on [email protected], Our technical team will respond to your query within 24 hours.

Will the software can be integrate with my website?

Yes, Our gym software will be integrated with the websites query form by using our APIs.

Does this gym software manage online payments and renewals?

Yes, this Club360 Pro software manages online payments through Paytm in India and for international customer with have integrated PayPal.

Where is my data stored? Is it safe?

Yes, your data is on a cloud server in encrypted format. So it’s completely safe and secure. Cloud services utilize more complex security methods than the other servers.

Is there any trial or demo for free?

At present, a free trial is not available, but our experts will provide you with a free online demo to give you complete details about features.

Do the members receive payment reminders?

Yes, the member will receive a payment reminder message by  7 days prior, 4 days prior and last one on the same day of due.

What are the benefits of the software?

Club360 Pro is a web-based gym management software, which helps you to manage memberships, attendance, their scheduled, day to day income and expense records, renewals and much more.

How does the Club360 Software work?

You can call to the support team, they will take the necessary details including  your gym’s name & logo and other required data which will be publicly obvious (about us, pictures, contact details and so on as per requirement)

How do I get the Club360 Software?

You can easily get this gym software from www.club360pro.com or by downloading it through URL and set its shortcut.

Is it possible to use it without the internet?

Initially, Club360 was Windows based software but in 2011,when the trend changed and from a security point of view, Club360 became online web based software. 

To which bio-metric do Club360 software is supported?

Our software is friendly with the Biometric like ZK brand. We can also provide bio-metric (free installation) or you can purchase by yourself too but the installation will be chargeable as per requirement.

Can Club360 software be customized?

Yes, this gym software can be customized according to your convenience or your business requirement.

What happened to my old existing data? Can you transfer or upload it in your Club360 software?

Yes, We will send you the format sheet and will upload or transfer all your existing data in the software.

Can we add a limit over the access control of various employees?

Yes, you can control or bound the access over your employees. They can access only that function which is open for them  to use.

Is there any limitation of a number of clients or users?

No, there is no limitation over the clients or users or number of data. You can add or can make records of unlimited number of members.

What is SMC and what is it included with?

Club360 software is online software which runs on cloud servers which has recurring costs to our organization. Additionally, we give all time support, services, upgrades and training . That is the reason each customer needs to pay yearly upkeep cost. By paying SMC, you get support likewise daily updation or know about the latest updated features in the software. With this you can keep in touch by all new activities in the gym management software and feel free to ask any query if required.

How many customers does Club360 Software have?

We began in 2009, and now it is almost 11+ years down the line we are an upbeat group of in excess of 400+ customers, 99% satisfied clients.