Membership Management

Make a bond and remain bind with your members – In this, you can keep complete details of the members like their complete profile, workout scheduled, body measurement, active and non-active plans, present status,
the attendance record, birthday, anniversary, all the essential details you can add in it.

This feature in gym management software helps you to stay connected with your members, you can communicate with them with direct WhatsApp or can send an SMS also. It makes your work easier and quicker.
  • It manages members and their complete profile.
  • Member’s which plan is going on now and was on earlier all such data you can find in it.
  • It has two online payment gateways- Paytm for domestic users and PayPal for worldwide.
  • Within this, you can keep different types of members separately like active or non-active members, frozen or paused membership, trainers & staff all such people can be automatically separated.
  • You can upgrade or change your member’s plan and can add more than one plan at a time.

Enquiry Management

You can keep the details of people who come to know about your gym or to take the trial, if you give them any discount or any offer
Here you can put the information along with the time and date, and you can keep the details of when to call them next.
We have designed this feature so that it will help you to keep track of your potential clients and convert as many as possible into new clients.

Member App

The main concern of member apps in this easy gym software is to provide utility or value to the member. It engages your member with plan availability and updates them with the upgrades of it. Android and iOS both platforms can easily run this app.
Personal details, feedback for your gym. Members can also provide their feedback through this app.
A member app is a huge step up in engagement quality than a mobile-friendly platform, as it gives complete control over the visibility, information, and notifications that get delivered to members.

Renewal Management

The greatest benefit of that is that in just a few clicks you get your client’s payment online as well you can record by mode of payment you received it.
It includes a way to send renewal reminders to members, which encourages or motivates them. It helps you to stay on track when it comes to finances.

Automated Reminders

This feature automatically sends a reminder message from the software to your member. Many people forget their due date for renewal.
Automated messaging saves time and the ability to work to do. And members will remember that their due date is coming and you can also secretly message them as a reminder.
The automation system sends follow-ups and payment reminders for upcoming and past-dues.

Biometric Integration

Keep you safe with clients’ identity, attendance, and privacy.
As we know, information is distinctive for every person and it can be utilized as a technique for individual identification.
Biometric helps us to attend to the attendance of your member, how much they are going in and out, all these are recorded in it. Manually we don’t know which member is coming at what time but biometric makes it easier and simpler.
Biometric gets integrated with our software and prevents entry of people whose membership has been expressed. In biometric, you can mark the attendance of your clients, staff, or those who are connected with the Gym.
In our software management system fingerprint access, card access and face biometric can be integrated. No one can change its setting or reset it until the owner enters his security password in it.
 It removes the interruptions in our business by making our work easier.

Required Reports

In Club360, you can view reports of type manipulation, it is so well designed that you can easily understand or transfer a report to your Excel.
This gym software is the main pillars of a complete reporting solution that are a must for any business. It  Emphasizing the link between financial and non-financial performance. It manages Member Status, Due Date, Sales Commission, Income/Expense, Irregular Members, Payment received from which source of the medium,
Follow-ups, it’s a daily task management report which shows the flexibility of your current work status.
Reports keep you updated and informed for adequate decision-making.

Sales & Marketing

Club360 Pro Software is a complete solution for your business management. It encourages you to promote your marketing strategies by implementing the campaign programs through Quick or bulk SMS, emails and you can coordinate with them on WhatsApp from this easy gym software.
Members receive welcome, the payment received or renewal reminder messages, and who came for the enquiry will also receive a message and all these messages are sent by your Gym’s name which makes a communication bond and stays connected with the individuals who may know.
The success of every business relies heavily on a company’s ability to attract and retain customers. This gym management software reduces the amount of time and effort you spend on manual marketing techniques, it can also help you yield more profit as your business grows.

Billing History

This gym management system, simplify reporting or billing of your members. You can create your member’s bill or invoice with this software and convert it into PDF form with a simple click and you can send it on email, WhatsApp or can give them on a paper printout.
It minimizes the errors, as the details already contain all the plans and their prices included and bills are made on them, just you have to select the options only. It increases transparency and reduces administration working.
Through online invoicing, you can receive payment from a preferred payment method that is safe and protected.
This means if you can’t make it into the office, you’re at home or traveling — you can send and manage your invoices 24/7.
During tax season you, or your accountant, can easily determine any eligible tax deductions, this condition is applicable if you are taking tax. You can create an invoice with GST or Non- GST as required.
When you factor in the time, you required to create, send, and process your company’s invoice, remember the things-
– It’s easy to understand
– Fast and simple
– Reduces errors and disputes
– Instant delivery and faster payment

Point of Sale

In this Gym software,  point of sale systems save time and eliminate data duplication, increase efficiency. You can add your inventory products into it and can manage their sales. Today, with the help of this software you can simplify your billing, promotions, returns, and much more.
With the POS module in gym management software, you can input orders, compute the cost, and receive customer payments. It can boost the performance of your business.
You can easily generate an ordered invoice, reprint, and email to the end customer along with adding the discount, customer details, additional remarks, and more.
Or can manage the stock adjustments i.e. increase/decrease stock while viewing inventory.

Club360 Pro Software manages your businesses small and big tasks very simply into a compact software.