Excel or gym management software for you club?

When we plan to buy gym management software for our gym. Generally people try to find out a cheaper solution. Sometime they hire any member of their gym or club to build an application to manage their gyms or they try to manage members data in excel sheet.

Today we discuss the drawback of such type of thing we do with our gym. In actual you are playing with your gym when you hire a freelance or a gym member to develop an application. Its just like a non certified trainer is assuring you that he can make you champion. But he cannot. Just like a professional trainer who knowns the issues bodybuilding, a professional team or company of application development knowns the complication of implementation a software.

And when you plan to manage members data in excel sheet you will going to miss following

  • Automatic due date reminders Buy Gym Software
  • Automatic Reports
  • SMS notifications
  • Managed member records
  • Invoice generation
  • Email marketing
  • Income Expense management
  • Data security

An excel sheet is not even able to fulfil the member management task. Even after that if you still want to use excel sheet, simply you are not taking you gym business seriously.

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