Know the Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a very successful path for fitness studios and gym to give, move in, and hold their members. This is a way for instant message marketing which can work for your business. With quick message delivery, you can receive an instant feedback response from your member.

To make you Bulk SMS marketing effective, focus on the following: 

Gather the information base – it could be the information base of your current customers; visitors or enquiry who have not yet bought a membership or package date is going to due of their present membership, just as the interested individuals, however never utilized the management, or you can begin gathering another information base 

  • Cause division of your information base: to make gatherings of individuals to send them SMS 
  • Build up a limited-time program, which was finished. 
  • Make up a few promoting efforts and sent a few SMS alternatives. 
  • Examine the reports, viability, and choose further applying SMS messaging.
  • Pulling in new customers, memberships.
  • Recover old visitors or enquiries.
  • Attract potential clients and irregular members to buy a membership

“Do SMS Marketing and keep connected with everyone” 

Through Club360 gym management software you can send a message or can do SMS marketing very easily in just a few clicks. Whether you are sending a single message or it a bulk SMS. The software makes your work efficient and effective without too many efforts.  

SMS marketing is a medium through which you can connect with your members, past members, or an individual at any time because it is available on your mobile phone, which a member or an individual carries it all the time with themselves.

Know the benefits of SMS marketing-


This is a very cheap process, you can buy a lot of messages at once, and keep taking out new offers, and do SMs marketing for them so that you can send this message to everyone. Whether it’s of 160 characters or more than that it’s up to you.

Good Engagement Rate with people

SMS text telling has a higher open rate. Quick or Text message marketing has a decent commitment rate with the capacity to reach a wide range of clients at a time. Many gym owners organize mass content informing over offers they are promoting for their gym business through different channels but the open rate of SMS marketing is likely to be the best for conveying your words to your members, visitors, and the general public. 

In Reach of every user

SMS can be easily reached to every user or every individual which is your targeting public. It depends on you which market you are targeting to send your message. You can even reach every individual gender-wise, like if you have special offers in your gym only for ladies then you can do SMS marketing to only female members or visitors then you can send your offer message by selecting the female option.

Trackable Data through SMS History

The bulk or single SMS marketing services process are trackable platforms through the feature of SMS History in Club360 gym management software. Get each message detail over in this feature where you can check the delivery status, in a queue, or failed. Track your efforts

Fitness studios and the gym can get SMS marketing service benefits by using gym software. SMS or text message marketing is a powerful and more engaging tool that allows you to reach every individual easily and give regain your lost member and motivate your members, and show appreciation. 

Keep in touch, engaged, and connected with your members and visitors and start using Club360-Gym Management Software to get all the benefits for your gym business and know more and more effective marketing strategies.