Know-How to Motivate Your Existing and Re-engage with Old Members

Members come, stay connected, and leftover the gym, this is a fact and nature of the fitness business. Small, medium and large every gym wants to engage its members in every event, to attend class, and take participate in each activity of the gym. Your business is dependent on these members like whether are continuing to pay for their membership and take services from your fitness business or not. This is the main concern for every gym owner to retain their existing members satisfied with their services, but if for any circumstances members left the gym then this will become a very thoughtful question that “Why the members left your gym?”

However, you won’t be able to keep every member who is thinking about leaving, what do you do when somebody really pushes ahead with dropping their membership? what do you do when somebody really pushes ahead with dropping their participation?

How you sell matter. What your process is matters. But how your customer feel when they engage with you matters more.” – Tiffani Bova

Find Out Why They Quit

At the point when somebody drops their membership, or if you notice that they didn’t renew their membership, it’s significant that you connect and inquire as to why they take that decision. Mostly, they’ll be happy to let you know, and you’ll have the option to arrange for connecting with them later on.

For instance, one member may be dropping due to a physical issue or medical problem. All things considered, you can settle on a note to decision them in a quarter of a year (or whatever the case might be) to check whether they’re prepared to return, or much proposal to require their membership to be freezed until they’re ready to do the workout again.

Maybe another member having a price issue and can’t manage the cost of the membership any longer. At that point, you have to make an essential decision that what offer do you give them. 

Like, give them discounts or some complementary advantages.

In some cases, somebody may leave due to a genuine complaint. This can be difficult to hear, yet it’s significant. Perhaps they’re simply a picky individual who is used for complaining. However, it very well may be a legitimate worry that different individuals are having, as well. By discovering what’s going on with an instructor who has been loosening, a deficiency of storage lockers or accessible classes–you can address the issue before you lose additional individuals. You can call the previous part and let them realize the issue has been settled. It very well may sufficiently be to bring them back.

Keep them messaging

Message all your members whose data you have in the software.

Having a Membership Expired Members list

If you send out a weekly or monthly offer message with the help of gym membership software, then their re-engagement rate gets multiply. Invite them on every occasion or event of your gym to get them in touch with you.

Give Them Discounts, Great Deals

Extend a special offer to old members. This may be a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly discount on membership. 

Make creative offers. As per your fitness studio and give returning members a free personal training session for a period of time.

Do this rarely. If after your members saw that in this new offers are always going on and put a validity time on that offer.

Good Reasons to Contact Old Members
  • You’re having a special event, like a gym’s anniversary party, which they can attend and join you.
  • Offer discounts to re-join the fitness studio.
  • Make changes to your studio: new trainers, rescheduled class times or styles, change damaged or non-working equipment.
  • Reset package or plan prices. If you increase your packages prices and offer your old members the opportunity to re-join your gym at the old price. This way you can offer them.
  • It’s someone’s birthday! Make a birthday special month offer and the members get, by default birthday message wishes from the gym software as well.

Tell your members to get re-engage your gym. Remember that occasional calls and follow-ups are very important to keep them in touch with you. Special offer and discount messages are required to interact with them if you are following up with someone who is returning and recovered from an injury, or if they left for some reason, so change as per according to them which is beneficial for your gym and gym members. Bringing old members back give their belief back in you and add more and more new memberships in your fitness business.